Mexico NOM-029-ENER-2017
is Now Required

Mexico’s NOM-029-ENER-2017 published in October 2017 became effective on April 25, 2018. All external power supplies require this certification, which is obtained through test evaluation. The NOM-029-ENER-2017 is applicable for all power supplies intended to convert the electrical voltage from alternating current (AC) to a single level of voltage or direct current (DC), and with a maximum output power that is less or equal to 250W.

In addition, power supplies that allow switching to manual output voltage levels,
independent of the product, also require testing and certification. There are a few exceptions depending on characteristics of the power supplies which the NOM-029-ENER-2017 is not applicable. NOM-029-ENER-2017 does not apply to the following types of external PSUs:

  • PSU’s that deliver an AC output.
  • PSU’s that contain a battery or battery pack physically attached (including those that can be removable) to the power source.
  • PSU’s that are intended for special uses that are part of a device that is not sold directly to the public and its commercialization is done with business users or institutions that install and operate such devices directly or in co-responsibility with the supplier company, and are authorized by the Authority that issues this standard.

NOM-029-ENER-2017 establishes the labeling requirements for PSU’s subject to this standard, but that is marked directly to the public individually and not as part or accessory of an end-user product. The label must contain the following information in a legible and indelible form:
  • The phrase: “EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA” in Spanish in Capital letters. Translation: "ENERGY EFFICIENCY".
  • The phrase: “Cumple con la NOM-029-ENER-2017” in Spanish. Translated: "Complies with NOM-029-ENER-2017".
  • The appropriate energy efficiency level V or VI, in Roman numeral.

Manufacturers can choose where to place the l
abel from the following options: printed, affixed, placed on the product, packaging, user manual or in the regulatory information document included with the product. In any case, the label should not be removed, until after it has been acquired by the final consumer.

Furthermore, when approving your electronic device under NOM-019-SCFI-1997 or NOM-001-SCFI-1993, its power supply will not require this additional certification.