About Us

Who We Are

Vista Labs is an independent testing and product certification service provider strategically located in Orange County. Our goal is to certify your products and ensure their compliance with regulatory standards in order to help you access world-wide markets.

Our company was founded with the vision of providing world class service in the testing and compliance space. Vista Compliance Laboratories is built on customer service, continuous improvement, and ownership/accountability.

Vista Labs is the leading-edge provider of EMC/RF/SAR/DFS compliance testing, FCC/ISED product certifications, and global market approvals.

What We Do

We provide full compliance testing for prototype and finished electrical and electronic products. We also help customers obtain regulatory certifications recognized both domestically and internationally.

Our comprehensive services include safety testing, EMC emission and susceptibility testing, RF and wireless testing (including Bluetooth, SAR and DFS), and telecommunications testing (including TTE).

We offer compliance testing services in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and product certification services as a ISO 17065 accredited certification body in the electrical and radio field.

Why Choose Us

We do what other labs can't. Our 10-meter chamber allows us to perform EMC testing locally for Korea and Taiwan. Our global certifications cover more than 150 of the 195 countries in the world. And most of all, we do what it takes to make sure your products pass.

As your partner, Vista investigates appropriate test standards, develops test plans, performs troubleshooting & failure analysis, reviews documentation, and provides test reports for a complete compliance testing and certification package.

Vista Laboratories is committed to utilizing good professional practices and providing highest quality services to its customers around the world. It is the management at Vista Laboratories’ duty to adhere to the highest standard of service to ensure on time delivery of our service.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any general inquiries, compliance testing questions, certification requests, or any customized quotation for your product. We're here to help!