FCC Publishes the Responsibilities of Certification Grantees

Posted on February 7, 2019 at 6:57 AM

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States publishes guidance on the responsibilities of the grantee to ensure continued compliance of products with the applicable FCC regulations.

Applicants who have received a grant of certification for an end product have a number of responsibilities (as described below) for ensuring the continued compliance of the product:

Responsibilities of Parties With a Grant of Certification
Label Label includes FCC ID and all labeling statements as required.
Manual Includes the all FCC regulatory information as required.
Compliance All units of the certified product marketed by the grantee are identical to the sample that has been tested.
Records Maintain and retain all records/documentation associated with the certified product.

The FCC may request each responsible party submit copies of records; failure to comply or submit records within 21 days may result in a forfeiture penalty.
Modifications If modifications are made to a certified product, an additional approval may be required.
Repairs/Refurbishment Only parties authorized by the grantee are permitted to make repairs or refurbish certified equipment.
Post-Market Surveillance The FCC and certification bodies may request samples of equipment for surveillance purposes.

Failure to comply with request for samples within 21 days may result in suspension of applicant related certification activities, or a forfeiture penalty may be assessed.
Inspection Responsible parties are required to make their manufacturing plant and facilities available for inspection upon request by the FCC.

An FCC grant signifies that a product has shown compliance with the applicable FCC regulations through testing and certification. It is required that the responsible party (grantee) ensures that the product continues to comply.

Even if an agent was used to obtain the certification, the grantee is still responsible for maintaining the compliance of the product.

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