Spectrum Release Plan Published in Hong Kong

Posted on February 12, 2019 at 11:07 AM

The communications authority of Hong Kong, the OFCA, published a spectrum release plan spanning the next three years, which includes spectrum in 5G bands.

OFCA is planning on assigning new spectrum for the provision of the following services across the following frequency ranges in 2019:

  • 3300 – 3400 MHz: indoor mobile services
  • 3400 – 3600 MHz: indoor mobile services (from April 2020)
  • 4830 – 4930 MHz: mobile services
  • 24250 – 27500 MHz: mobile / wireless fixed services
  • 27500 – 28350 MHz: mobile / wireless fixed services

It is expected that the 3.5 GHz band will be used in 5G networks starting from April 2020.

In 2020, OFCA will allocate the following:

  • 617 – 698 MHz: indoor mobile services (from July 2021)
  • 703 – 803 MHz: indoor mobile services (from July 2020)

The plan confirms that OFCA will auction over 4,000 MHz of 5G ready frequency ranges this year, to begin in April.

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