US and UK Sign Framework for Mutual Recognition

A mutual recognition agreement has been signed between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to provide market access by recognizing conformity assessment results produced by either party for telecommunications equipment and EMC of ICT products.

The MRAs with the United Kingdom aim to replicate the existing agreements between the United States and the European Union for these sectors, closely mirroring those of the US-EU Telecom MRA that entered into force in 1998. The purpose is to ensure that trade in these product sectors between the US and the UK is not disrupted when the UK leaves the European Union. It is estimated that US exported to UK of products under this MRA exceeded $5 billion in 2018.

Telecommunications Equipment Under US-UK MRA

United Kingdom United States
Pure wired telecommunications terminal equipment without a radio component covered by the EMC Regulation (SI 2016/1091), including:

  • ISDN Basic Rate Access
  • ISDN Primary Rate Access
  • ISDN Telephone
  • X21/V.24/V.35 Access
  • X25 Access
  • PSTN Non-Voice
  • PSTN Voice Band (Analog)
  • ONP Leased Line Terminal Types:
    • 63 kbits/sec
    • 2048 kbits/s unstructured
    • 2048 kbits/s structured
    • 34 Mbits/s access
    • 140 Mbits/s access
    • 2 wire analogue
    • 4 wire analogue
Radio equipment covered by the Radio Equipment Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/1206) that is subject to equipment authorization, including:

  • Short range devices, including low power devices such as cordless telephones/microphones
  • Land mobile, including:
    • Private Mobile Radio (PMR/PAMR)
    • Mobile telecom
    • Paging systems
  • Terrestrial fixed
  • Satellite mobile
  • Satellite fixed
  • Broadcast
  • Radio determination
Telephone Terminal Equipment that are contained in the following:

  1. 47 CFR Part 68

  2. Documents published by the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachment (ACTA), established in the FCC CC Docket 99-216.

Radio transmitters subject to an equipment authorization requirement, including:

  • Equipment Authorization Requirements (Part 2)
  • Radio Frequency Devices (Part 15)
  • Commercial Mobile Services (Part 20)
  • Public Mobile Services (Part 22)
  • Satellite Communications (Part 25)
  • Miscellaneous Wireless Communication Services (Part 27)
  • Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (Part 30)
  • Broadcast (Part 73)
  • Auxiliary Broadcast (Part 74)
  • Cable Television Radio (Part 78)
  • Maritime Services (Part 80)
  • Aviation Services (Part 87)
  • Private Land Mobile (Part 90)
  • Personal Radio Services (Part 95)
  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service (Part 96)
  • Amateur Radio (Part 97)
  • Fixed Microwave Services (Part 101)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Under US-UK MRA

United Kingdom United States
Any product falling under the scope of Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016 (SI 2016/1091). Any products falling under the scope of 47 CFR Parts 11, 15, 18

To ensure continuity of the existing United States conformity assessment body recognitions after Brexit, the agreement contains a provision that upon its entry into force, all conformity assessment bodies recognized under the US-EU MRA will be granted recognition by the UK under the new agreement.

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