MinTIC and ANE Simplify Radio Spectrum Management Regulations

Posted on February 20, 2019 at 2:30 PM

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MInTic) and National Spectrum Agency (ANE) has drafted resolutions for simplifying the regulations, in order to help Colombians better understand radio spectrum management matters.

The few drafted resolutions are listed below:

1: MinTIC by which standards are issued regarding radio spectrum management (Along with its Technical Support)

2: MinTIC & ANE repeals provisions regarding the planning, allocation and allocation of the radio spectrum (together with its Technical Support)

3: ANE simplifies the regulatory framework related to the planning and allocation of the radio spectrum.

The draft resolutions have been jointly worked between the Ministry of Communications and the ANE, given its relationship with the management of the resource, simplification of rules on planning and attribution, repeal of provisions regarding planning, allocation and allocation of is essential to repeal such provisions in order that each entity, in accordance with its powers, proceed with the issuance of the respective administrative acts.

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