New Exemptions of Type Approval for Wireless Equipment

The WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) of India addresses type approval through self-declaration for certain categories of wireless equipment in the license-exempt bands.

The following devices (commercial/finished products) are exempt from type approval:

  • mobile/computing devices
  • laptops
  • electronic notepads
  • smart watches
  • short range devices (including accessories)
  • microphones
  • speakers
  • headphones
  • earphones
  • printers
  • scanners
  • cameras

Equipment must be operating in license exempt bands as permitted in India to qualify under the equipment type approval exemption.

Authorization through self-declaration by the importer is permitted in this case.

Information required in/for declaration:

  • Name and title of person of authority
  • AWB
  • Serial number
  • Name of equipment manufacturer/importer
  • Make & model
  • Frequency range
  • Output power
  • Test report

Test samples, prototypes, and pre-launch devices of the above categories are also exempt. This supercedes Ministry letter no. R-1108/07/2017-PP from 11/09/2018 in regards to the equipment type approval requirements for wireless equipment in the license exempt bands for test/prototype sample units.

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