Measurement Procedures for Demonstrating Compliance of Millimeter Wave Devices

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States provides guidance on the evaluation of millimeter wave (mmW) devices that are subject to Part 30 of the FCC rules.

Part 30 equipment authorization (certification) is available for the following types of devices:

Equipment ClassDescriptionDevice Type
5GBFixed TransmitterBase stations
5GMMobile TransmitterMobile stations (e.g. cell phones)
5GTTransportable TransmitterTransportable stations – these devices are defined as being stationary while operating (e.g. customer premise equipment, local hubs, etc.)

The following frequencies are available for assignment in the Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service:

  • 24.25-24.45 GHz and 24.75-25.25 GHz bands: 24.25-24.35 GHz, 24.35-24.45 GHz, 24.75-24.85 GHz, 24.85-24.95 GHz, 24.95-25.05 GHz, 25.05-25.15 GHz, and 25.15-25.25 GHz
  • 27.5 GHz-28.35 GHz band: 27.5-27.925 GHz, 27.925-28.35 GHz
  • 38.6-40 GHz band
  • 37-38.6 GHz band: 37.6-37.8 GHz, 37.8-38 GHz, 38-38.2 GHz, 38.2-38.4 GHz, and 38.4-38.6 GHz
  • 47.2-48.2 GHz band: 47.2-47.4 GHz, 47.4-47.6 GHz, 47.6-47.8 GHz, 47.8-48.0 GHz, and 48.0-48.2 GHz

The following devices, operating under Section 30.201, may be authorized using the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity procedure:

  • Fixed point-to-point stations
  • Fixed point-to-multipoint hub stations
  • Fixed point-to-multipoint user stations

The manufacturer is required to perform all the necessary tests, retain the report, and submit to the FCC upon request.

Further information regarding testing requirements, equipment, set-up, and specific mmW device compliance measurement procedures can be found here.

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