Test Considerations for Low Power Devices in the Frequency Band 314 - 316 MHz

The National Communications Agency of Argentina, ENACOM, provides clarification regarding the regulations applicable to the measurement of output power of low power devices.

This clarification is in reference to Resolution ENACOM 507/2018, dated October 22, 2018, version 18.1 of Technical Standard ENACOM-Q2-60.14 "Low Power Devices".

In of this resolution specifies the configuration that the measurement receiver must have, detailing in Table 3 the detector combination and measurement bandwidth to be used for each attributed band. Similar conditions are specified with respect to unwanted emissions (5.4.2.).

Previously, the receiver measurement detector indicated for the frequency band 314 to 316 MHz was the quasi-peak type. It is now clarified that for this band, the specifications are based on measurements of average levels. Meaning, for the direct measurement of the emissions, an average type detector should be used.

Please refer to this link to view the complete publication by ENACOM, the National Communications Agency of Argentina.

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