Updates to Pre-Approval Procedure to Allow for Reuse of Previously Issued Guidance

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, updates the pre-approval guidance procedure for radio/telecommunications equipment and devices that require FCC guidance prior to a TCB issuing a grant of equipment authorization.

There are three classifications of applications for equipment authorization that are subject to mandatory pre-approval guidance (PAG):

  • Devices subject to special conditions where the authorization procedures to be used must be approved by the FCC prior to approval by a TCB.
  • Devices for which a sample must be submitted to the FCC for pre-approval testing prior to approval by a TCB.
  • Devices for which there are new or unique operation or installation issues which are subject to FCC review prior to approval by a TCB.

Please refer to this link for the full list of devices subject to FCC pre-approval guidance procedures.

New updates to the pre-approval guidance procedure allows for reuse of previously issued guidance in some cases. The FCC may allow a TCB to reuse a previously approved PAG KDB guidance for specified items on the PAG list.

In this situation, the TCB submits a KDB inquiry on behalf of the grantee with details of the equipment subject to PAG and a reference to the previously approved PAG KDB inquiry. The TCB is responsible for verifying that the conditions of previous approval continue to apply.

The full guidance on the procedures of FCC pre-approval for equipment/devices on the pre-approval guidance list can be found here.

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