Applicability of Language Support for Mobile Phone Handsets for Equipment Registration

The Bureau of Indian Standards provides a brief clarification on the applicability of IS 16333 (Part 3) on the compulsory registration of IT goods.

The following update is from the registration deparment of BIS, regarding the registration IT equipment and how IS 16333 (Part 3) “Mobile Phone Handsets Part 3 Indian Language Support for Mobile Phone Handsets - Specific Requirements” applies to these goods:

  • Some products like smart watch, mobile computer (ADPM) etc are provided with SIM and aided with text input facility.
  • These products will be accepted under respective product category notified by Meity i.e. ‘Smart Watch’ or ‘ADPM’ and Registration shall be granted to the product under the category for which it has been notified without seeking compliance to Indian language support as per IS 16333(Part 3).

You can read the full notification published by competent authority here.

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