Amendments to Radio Spectrum Use for Short-Range Devices

The European Commission of the EU to amend Decision 2006/771/EC due to the technological and market developments in the area of radio spectrum use for short-range devices.

This is a draft Commission Implementing Decision which is requiring Member States of the EU to designate and make available on a non-exclusive, non-interference, and non-protected basis the frequency bands for the types of short-range devices, subject to the specific conditions and by the implementation deadline, as laid down in the technical annex.

This will amend the short-range devices Decision (the SRD Decision – Decision 2006/771/EC as last amended by Decision 2017/1483/EU) by replacing the technical annex in place with an updated version in order to respond to the rapid changes in technology and the emergence of new short-range applications.

This new version of the technical annex will increase the number of harmonised frequency bands that can be used by short-range devices. In addition, it contains some clarifications as well as minor changes of technical parameters for enhanced spectrum access of existing harmonised entries.

Short-Range Devices Decision (the SRD Decision – Decision 2006/771/EC as amended by Decision 2017/1483/EU)

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