Proposed Updates to Radio Interference Regulations

The Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) of Switzerland is updating the Radio Interference Regulations (RIR) to follow the latest frequency management regulations in Europe, to come into force September 1st, 2019.

The Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications on telecommunications installations (OOIT) specifies the basic technical requirements with regard to telecommunications installations set out by the Swiss Federal Council. It regulates the use of radio interfaces in Switzerland.

The updates are as follows:

RIR0203-14, RIR0203-15 and RIR0203-20The "application description" will be modified to "Video PMSE" instead of "SAP/SAB and ENG/OB".
RIR0203-16, RIR0203-17, RIR0203-18The channelling requirement (7 MHz) and the maximum occupied bandwidth requirement (20 MHz) will be removed.
RIR0302-12Harmonized standard changed from EN 302 217-4-2 to EN 302 217-4 (Due to transition from the R&TTE-Directive to the RE-Directive).
RIR0302-17, RIR0302-24, RIR0302-31, RIR0302-32, RIR0302-46, RIR0302-48Additional channellings (55 MHz, 112 MHz, 56 MHz, 56 MHz, 1000 MHz, 112 MHz) will be added.
RIR0806-15A reduction of the receiving frequency range from 3.40 - 4.20 GHz down to 3.60 - 4.20 GHz will be introduced.
RIR0806-20Adaptions will be done due to amendment of the ECC/DEC/(13)01.
RIR0808-13The reference ERC/DEC/(99)05 will be removed because this decision has been withdrawn.
RIR1003-11, RIR1003-12The requirement of a minimum occupied bandwidth of 600 kHz will be introduced.
RIR1004-01The reference ERC/DEC(01)08 will be replaced by ECC/DEC/(18)03.
RIR1010-05An additional limit (25mW) is defined, which applies to equipment to be used inside vehicles.

No Radio Interface Regulation (RIR) is completely new or repealed.

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