Decisions Announced on the Changes to the 3800 MHz Band

The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada announces preliminary decisions on the changes pertaining to the usage of the 3800 MHz Band.

Changes to the allocations in the 3500 MHz band

ISED will add a primary mobile allocation to the 3450-3475 MHz band, remove the radiolocation allocation in the 3450-3500 MHz band.

Flexible use in the 3500 MHz band

ISED is adopting a flexible use licensing model for fixed and mobile services in the 3450-3475 MHz band, which will provide ISED with the ability to issue flexible use licences in a 200 MHz frequency range from 3450-3650 MHz.

Coexistence of radiolocation and other services in the 3400-3450 MHz band

ISED will continue to monitor and study the 3400-3450 MHz band to assess its potential use in the future for other services. Any changes to the use of the band will be subject to a future consultation.

Provisions to allow existing licensees to continue services in the 3500 MHz band

  • For each licence area, existing licensees that meet all of their conditions of licence will be eligible to be issued flexible use licences covering the same geographic area for a fixed amount of spectrum. Existing licensees that currently hold 75 MHz or more of fixed use licences in a given area will be eligible to apply for a new flexible use licence of 60 MHz in the related area; those with 50 MHz of spectrum will be eligible to apply for a new flexible use licence of 50 MHz; and all other existing licensees will be eligible to apply for new flexible use licences of 20 MHz.
  • Any licence transfers or divisions of a licence by area and/or frequency made subsequent to June 6, 2018, will not alter the total amount of spectrum available to eligible incumbent licensees for flexible use through the transition process.
  • Prior to the auction, any transfer request involving a portion of 3500 MHz fixed licences must also specify the amount of flexible use spectrum that will be available for each transfer applicant, based on blocks of 10 MHz.
  • All transfer requests for existing fixed use licences in the 3500 MHz band received prior to the auction process will be considered as transfers of commercial mobile spectrum.
  • Any portion of a fixed licence that remains with no appropriation of eligibility for a flexible use licence will be automatically cancelled upon completion of the competitive licencing process.

Changes to the 3500 MHz band plan and interference mitigation

ISED is adopting a band plan using unpaired blocks of 10 MHz in the frequency range of 3450-3650 MHz

Interference mitigation

ISED will establish a coordination procedure between operators and technical limits in a future standard.

Timing for the introduction of mobile services in the 3500 MHz band

Existing licensees who are eligible and wish to provide mobile services must acquire a flexible use licence.

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