Allocation and Regulation on Conditions of Use of the 2.3 GHz Radio Frequency Band

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) of Brazil Approves the allocation of the 2.3 GHz radio frequency band to private limited services and announces the regulation on conditions of use of the 2.3 GHz band.

Resolution nΒΊ 710

The purpose of this resolution is to establish the conditions of use of the radio frequency band from 2,300 MHz to 2,400 MHz by digital radiocommunication systems of the fixed services in point-multipoint applications and mobile services, as defined in the Radio Regulations of the ITU.

The radio frequency band from 2,300 MHz to 2,400 MHz shall be used by systems employing time division duplexing (TDD).

Blocks of Radio Frequency Sub-bands
BlockSub-band (MHz)BlockSub-band (MHz)
12300 to 2305112350 to 2355
22305 to 2310122355 to 2360
32310 to 2315132360 to 2365
42315 to 2320142365 to 2370
52320 to 2325152370 to 2375
62325 to 2330162375 to 2380
72330 to 2335172380 to 2385
82335 to 2340182385 to 2390
92340 to 2345192390 to 2395
102345 to 2350202395 to 2400

The effective isotropically radiated powers (EIRP) of a base station and a terminal shall be the minimum required to perform the service with good quality and adequate reliability.

ANATEL will only allocate the radio frequencies to a telecommunications services provider if that provider presents a documentation proving their coordination with others that operate in that band.

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