New Compliance Requirements for Hearing Aid Compatibility Certification

The Federal Communications Commission publishes new requirements for hearing aid compatibility regarding website posting and record retention.

The hearing aid compatibility rules require wireless service providers to offer hearing aid-compatible handset models to consumers, and to provide information regarding the hearing aid compatibility capabilities of their handset models.

Annual Certification Requirement
  • Previously, all wireless service providers must complete FCC Form 855 and 655 annually to certify full compliance with FCC HAC requirements. Going forward, only device manufacturers must submit Form 655.
  • Going forward, certifications are due by January 15 of each year.
Website Posting Requirement
  • Beginning September 3, 2019, wireless service providers must post expanded information regarding their handsets’ hearing aid compatibility capabilities.
  • Information such as list of all HAC models, list of non-HAC models, and the level that each HAC compatible model falls are included.
Record Retention Requirement
  • Beginning September 3, 2019, wireless service providers must retain records of HAC handsets that are no longer offered.
  • Information such as ratings, dates of when the models were offered, and marketing model name/number(s) and FCC ID numbers are included.

With this public notice, the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announces the opening of the new filing window for hearing aid compatibility certifications, as well as the new requirements and compliance dates.

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