Revision Notice on the Conformity Assessment of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Equipment

The National Radio Research Agency (RRA) of South Korea is revising the conformity assessment standards for broadcasting and telecommunications equipment.

These revisions primarily pertain to:

  • Article 3, the classification of equipment for conformity assessment
  • Article 20, the simplification of conformity assessment procedures and documents

Revision 2019.07.24. National Radio Research Institute Notice No. 2019-12

Article 3 (Classification of Equipment for Conformity Assessment)
The equipment subject to conformity assessment specified in Table 1 is as follows.
  • Equipment subject to conformity certification pursuant to the subparagraphs of Article 77-2 (1) of the Decree
  • Equipment subject to registration of conformity under Article 77-3 (1) of the Decree (hereinafter referred to as "registration registration for designated testing institution")
  • Equipment subject to conformity registration pursuant to Article 77-3 (2) of the Decree (hereinafter referred to as 'registration registration for self-test')

Article 20 (Simplification of Conformity Assessment Procedures and Documents)

For the equipment falling under any of the following subparagraphs, the submission of test reports and attached documents applied at the time of conformity assessment may be omitted.
However, test reports for electromagnetic compatibility standards, electromagnetic wave absorption rates and electromagnetic wave strengths, which may affect the conformity assessment criteria other than No. 3, shall be submitted.
  • Equipment equipped with “wireless transmitters / receivers” that have been evaluated for conformity
  • Equipment equipped with 'slot type detachable wire fax module'
  • A toy product equipped with a 'motor for children' toy, which has been evaluated for conformity (except where a separate active circuit is included)

Addendum (National Radio Research Institute Notice 2019-12, 2019. 7.24.)

Article 1 (Effective Date)
  • This Notice shall take effect on the date of notification (7/24/2019).
Article 2 (Elapsed Measures)
  • ① Equipment which has undergone conformity assessment in accordance with the previous provisions at the time of enforcement of this notification shall follow the previous provisions.
  • ② The application for conformity assessment received and processed at the time of this notification shall be in accordance with the previous provisions.

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