Interim Frequency Assignments for Radiocommunication Applications

The WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) of India has decided to continue to make frequency assignments for wireless applications for a period of three months.

As an interim measure from July 29, 2019, the WPC will continue to make frequency assignments for the following:

  • broadcasting (including community radio)
  • H/V/UHF/SHF fixed/mobile networks (including CMRTS)
  • radars
  • experimentation
  • demonstration and satellite based applications (including DTH, Teleport, DSNG, VSAT, NLD, ILD, INMARSAT)

The allotment of the spectrum will be made with conditions such as:

  • The allotment of spectrum is provisional and subject to the Govt's decision.
  • In case the provisional allotment of spectrum is withdrawn, respective wireless users would obtain Non Dealer Possession Licence (NDPL) for possessing the wireless equipment or return the equipment to a DPL holder.
  • Upon shift / change in policy from administrative allotmnet, due notice of 3 months of such change and time to make appropriate arrangements will be given.

Annual spectrum usage charges will continue to be levied.

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