Performance and Energy Efficiency Labeling Requirements for Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

The Secretariat of Domestic Trade of Argentina establishes performance and energy efficiency requirements for household electrical products and LED lamps for general lighting services.

The following are excluded from compliance with this mandatory certification scheme:

  • LED lamps whose luminous flux is less than 30 lm
  • LED lamps for operation with batteries
  • LED lamps that incorporate the possibility of color change
  • LED lamps with color diodes and / or with color coating
  • LED lamps that do not connect directly to the power supply network

Distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of the products covered under these requirements must require its suppliers to comply with this measure. A copy of the certificate shall be provided when requested.

The requirement of “maintenance of the luminous flux”, in accordance with IEC 62612: 2013 + ADM1: 2015 + ADM2: 2018, will be held for 3000 hours, after which all lamps in the samples tested must maintain a luminous flux greater than or equal to a percentage of the initial lamp flow:

Nominal Life (Hours)Luminous Flux @ 3000 Hours
Up to 10,00083.7%
From 10,000 to 15,00089.9%
From 15,000 to 20,00093.1%
From 20,000 to 25,00094.8%
From 25,000 to 30,00095.8%
From 30,000 to 40,00096.5%
From 40,000 to 50,00097.4%
Greater than 50,00097.9%

Products that fulfil compliance requirements can be marketed in the country and are required to display the energy efficiency label detailed in IRAM 62404-3 on the product packaging.

Violations of the provisions of these regulations shall be sanctioned.

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