Equipment Approved for Embedding Certified Radio Transmitter Modules

The State Radio Regulation of China (SRRC) publishes the list of information technology equipment and household appliances approved to embed pre-certified radio modules.

Information Technology Equipment:
  • Computers (desktop computers, portable computers, tablets, etc.)
  • Display equipment (computer monitors, projector, etc.) connected to a computer
  • Printers, scanners, copying machines
Household appliances:
  • Refrigeration appliances (refrigerators, etc.)
  • Cleaning appliances (washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.)
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electric heating appliances
  • Personal care appliances
  • Audio-visual appliances (TV sets, audio, microphones, digital cameras, etc.)
  • Air conditioners
  • Lighting appliances
  • Home entertainment equipment

These products can be approved as family models given that they series of products have the exact same functionality and the appearance the product is the same except for aesthetic changes.

The embedded radio transmitter modules must be SRRC certified.

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