New Regulation for Conformity Assessment of Radio and Telecommunications Products

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) of Brazil approved the new conformity assessment and homologation regulations for radio and telecommunication products.

The following regarding the new regulations for conformity assessment were introduced on October 17, 2019.

  • Different product types
  • Family model grouping
  • Operational procedures
  • Market surveillance and supervision
  • Conformity assessment of product labeling
  • Homologation identification for products used for marketing

Product categories (1, 2, 3) are being replaced by Product Type or Product Family.

ANATEL resolutions will be replaced by operating procedures.

Samples of equipment used for market surveillance will be directly collected from the market.

Products to be imported for sale must be identified by the ANATEL homologation identification number before the product may enter the country.

These regulatory changes come into force within 180 days from the date of official publication of the resolution.

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