Requirements for Aeronautical Model Control Short Range Devices

The Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) of New Zealand updates the radiocommunications regulations and requirements for aeronautical model control short range devices.

General User Radio Licence for Aeronautical Model Control Short Range Devices

This license allows the operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), such as drones and model aircrafts.

The transmission of radio waves/frequencies using radio transmitters for the purpose of remotely controlling of aeronautical models is permitted, provided that the below applicable terms, conditions, and restrictions are followed:

Low (MHz)High (MHz)Reference (MHz)Maximum Power
dBW e.i.r.p.
26.95027.30027.125-10Special condition 1
35.50037.00036.250-10Special condition 1
72.00072.25072.125-10Special condition 2
Special Conditions

1. These frequencies are shared with a wide range of other short range devices and should be used with caution, particularly in built-up/developed areas.

2. These frequencies are shared with auditory aid short range devices for the hearing impaired and should be used with caution in urban parks and reserves.

The updates contained in this notice is officially in force as of November 7, 2019.

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