Prohibited Electrical Equipment and Electronic Products

The Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) sets forth the list of electrical equipment and electronic products currently restricted from use or sale in New Zealand.

If electrical or radio products are likely to cause widespread or severe interference to radio reception, they can be listed as prohibited equipment.

Prohibition notices stop certain products from being:

  • Installed
  • Used
  • Sold
  • Imported
  • Distributed
  • Manufactured

The currently prohibited electrical and radio products are listed below:

Unrestricted two way radio equipment

No import, sale, and distribution of unrestricted two-way radio equipment, other than by a permitted person. This is intended to limit availability of this type of equipment to the amateur radio community:

  • Amateur Radio Operators must hold a certificate of competency to use this equipment.
  • Suppliers must get our approval to supply this equipment.
Vehicular short-range radar equipment

The sale or supply of vehicular short-range radar devices that operate in the frequency range 22.000 – 26.625 GHz (excluding apparatus operating in the narrow band 24.000 – 24.250 GHz narrow band radar equipment, authorised under the SRD notice) is prohibited in New Zealand β€” other than by permitted persons.

Animal tracking and training devices

Some models of dog tracking collars β€” like the Garmin and SportDog Tek ranges, for example β€” operate on the same frequencies that is used for emergency services and Department of Conservation communications in New Zealand.

Radio jammer equipment

All types of radio jammers are illegal in New Zealand, as they cause full interference across a wide range of frequencies. The only jammers allowed to operate here are used by the Department of Corrections, under strict rules of use.

Decorative lighting

No installation, use, sale, distribution or manufacture of interfering decorative lighting equipment.

Radio microphones

No installation, use, sale, distribution or manufacture of interfering wireless microphones operating on frequencies:

  • 698 MHz to 806 MHz
  • 806 MHz to 812 MHz
  • 814 MHz to 819 MHz
  • 824 MHz to 864 MHz
  • 868.1 MHz to 921 MHz
  • 929 MHz to 960 MHz

Licensed suppliers of radio transmitters must not import or supply this type of equipment.

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