Guidelines for the Use of Television White Space

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) provides draft guidelines on the use of television whitespace (TVWS) for broadband connectivity in 470 - 694 MHz.

Television Whitespaces (TVWS) is the unassigned spectrum between broadcast television channels in the 470 to 694 MHz portion of the UHF frequency band.

License-exempt master TVWS devices shall only operate on available frequencies in the 470 to 694 MHz portion of the UHF band.

Licensed-exempt master TVWS devices must access a TVWS database, operated by a TVWS Database Administrator, to receive a list of available channels at that location. A license-exempt master TVWS device may also receive a list of available channels.

The following technical requirements are also provided for TVWS devices:

  • Conducted Power and Conducted Spectral Power Density Limits
  • Antenna Requirements and Height Limits
  • Radiated Power and In-Block EIRP Spectral Density Limits
  • Out-of-Block EIRP Spectral Density Limits

The TVWS spectrum can be utilized to provide internet access to the underserved and unserved regions of the country, mostly in rural service areas at broadband speeds.

The full version of the draft guidelines can be found here.

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