Standards and Requirements for Automotive Short Range Radar Systems

The regulatory body of post and telecommunications of Indonesia (SDPPI) announces the technical requirements for 76 - 77 GHz automotive short range radar systems.

Automotive radar device power is supplied to the system via DC power.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements

The EMC requirements follow ISO/IEC CISPR 32: 2018.

Emissions measurements shall be conducted if possible.

Conducted emissions performed on DC power ports follows the class A requirements of Table A.9 in clause 4 of CISPR 32.

Conducted emissions performed on network cables follows the class A requirements of Table A.12 (residential use equipment) or Table A.11 (non-residential use equipment) in clause 4 of CISPR 32.

Radiofrequency (RF) Requirements

The RF requirements follow ETSI EN 301 091.

Transmitter Requirements
Test ParameterRequirement
Operating frequency range76 - 77 GHz
Peak power (EIRP)≀ 55 dBm
Average power (EIRP)≀ 50 dBm
Emission bandwidth≀ 1 GHz
Out of Band Unwanted Emissions
Frequency Range (GHz)RMS Power Spectral Density (dBm/MHz)
F1 ≀ f < fL0
fH ≀ f < F20

fL and fH are based on operating frequency range conformity tests (ETSI EN 301 091 clause

F1 and F2 are from the calculation in ETSI EN 303 396 clause 6.2.11.

Radiated Spurious Emissions
Frequency Range (MHz)LimitDetector
47 - 74-54 dBm (ERP)Quasi-Peak
87.5 - 118-54 dBm (ERP)Quasi-Peak
174 - 230-54 dBm (ERP)Quasi-Peak
470 - 790-54 dBm (ERP)Quasi-Peak
Other bands in 30 - 1000-36 dBm (ERP)Quasi-Peak
Above 1000-30 dBm (ERP)RMS

Measurements are made up to the 2nd harmonic of the fundameental frequency (154 GHz).

RF Exposure Requirements

The EMF exposure limits are based on ICNIRP limits as show below:

FrequencyE-Field Strength (V M-1)H-Field Strength (A M-1)B-Field Strength (ΞΌT)Equivalent Plane Wave Density (W M-2)
2-300 GHz610.160.2010

These requirements are in effect as of February 11, 2020.

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