Update to Regulations for Certification of Point-to-Multipoint Antennas

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) of Brazil provide updates to regulations for the certification of point-to-multipoint antenna systems.

ANATEL regulates certification and homologation of radiofrequency and telecommunication products in Brazil, and enforces the General Telecommunications Law.

This update applies to antennas for operation on bidirectional point-area, or point-to-multipoint systems for fixed and mobile terrestrial services, in the operating frequency range from 138 MHz to 40.5 GHz.

These systems are intended for such services in accordance with the "Allocation, Destination and Distribution Plan of Frequency Ranges in Brazil ", with gain greater than or equal to 8.5 dBi for omnidirectional antennas, and greater than or equal to 9.5 dBi for other antennas.

Antennas with Active Antenna System (AAS) technology or similar, where the radiation pattern is dynamic and has no rigid standard, are not required for conformity assessment.

In summary, point-to-multipoint antennas with AAS technology, do not need to be approved in Brazil anymore, even if its gain is higher than 8dBi.

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