Technical Regulations for Millimeter Wave Radar Systems

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan provided updates to the technical requirements for millimeter wave radar and sensor systems in the 57 - 66 GHz band.

The outline of the changes are as follows:

NameMilliwave Radar/Sensor System
Frequency Allocation57 GHz ~ 64 GHz57 GHz ~ 66 GHz
Antenna Power10mW or less (Peak)250mW or less (Peak or Average)
Occupied Bandwidth7 GHz9 GHz
Allowable Deviation of Antenna PowerMax 50%, Min 70%
Antenna Gain-10dBi or more
EIRP13dBm or less40dBm or less
Allowable Deviation of FrequencyDepends on Designation FrequencyΒ±20ppm or depends on Designation Frequency. (Β±500 ppm or depends on Designation Frequency in case of 10mW or less only.)
Unwanted Emission StrengthAppendix 1Appendix 2
Secondary Radiated Emission StrengthAppendix 3
Modulation TypeFrequency Modulated Continuous Wave except Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave-
Housing RequirementsBoth high-frequency portion and the modulation unit shall not be capable of being opened easily. Further, in the case where the highfrequency portion and the modulation unit are separated, oneness of them shall be kept and each of them shall not be capable of being opened easily-
Transmission Time ControlDuty 10%, in 33msec cycle
Crosstalk Preventing FunctionBy identifying the modulation type and other characteristics of the received radio wave, the radio equipment should have capacity to distinguish between the reflected radio wave that is transmitted by the local station and the radio wave that is transmitted by other station.-
OthersHave a means that terminate the transmission of radio wave.Transmitter is required a carrier sense function.

Spurious Emissions:

Limit Value (Peak)Remarks
55.62GHz or less-30dBm/MHzSpurious
55.62GHz - 57GHz-26dBm/MHzOutband
66GHz - 67.5GHz-26dBm/MHzOutband
Over 67.5GHz-30dBm/MHzSpurious

Receiver Spurious Emissions:

Limit Value (Average)
Below 1GHzAverage power should be 4nW or less in any 100kHz bandwidth
1GHz or moreAverage power should be 20nW or less in any 1MHz bandwidth

These changes have been in effect as of January 30, 2020.

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