Amended Procedures for Radio Equipment Type Approval

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Jordan has published amended procedures for telecommunications and radio equipment type approvals.

As of February, the following changes to the type approval scheme are in effect:

  • Certificates were previously valid for a period of 1 year, this has been changed to 3 years.
  • Labeling requirements have been updated to include mandatory information.
  • Product exemptions have been updated.

The following information is now required on labels:

The following criteria are required for acceptance of accredited reports:

  • Name of manufacturer
  • Address of manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Brand name
  • IMEI number for cellular devices

Labels must be placed on both the product packaging and on the device.

In the case where the device does not permit the placement of a physical label, electronic labeling (E-labeling) is allowed.

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