Changes to Labeling Requirements for Radiofrequency Devices

The telecommunications regulatory body Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM) of Argentina is requiring a label change for radiofrequency apparatus, from the CNC logo to RAMATEL.

Previously, all electronic and electrical products approved for sale must be labeled with an assigned certification number and “CNC.” This signifies the entry of a model of equipment in the Registry of Telecommunications Materials of the National Entity of Communications (ENACOM) which is required for the use of the device in the country.

This CNC label is no longer applicable and has been changed to the name RAMATEL.

CNC, later known as AFTIC, which later became ENACOM (for “Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones”) was the former regulatory body.

RAMATEL is the internal registry of ENACOM where the approvals are submitted. The name RAMATEL has not changed over time and has always been different from the “external” regulatory authority name.

It is anticipated that the only change is the updated labeling requirements whenever they are finalized and go into effect. The new labeling requirements will probably only apply to new approvals and renewals. These requirements are still in draft form.

This labeling update, once in effect, will affect all importers or manufacturers of telecommunications equipment.

For equipment manufacturered for their personal use (without commercialization or placement on the market) in the Argentina, these requirements do not apply.

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