Impact of COVID-19 on Global Regulatory Approval Processes

Due to the on-going pandemic across the world, regulatory agencies have been making changes to their normal regulatory approval processes for electrical and wireless devices.

The following table provide a brief overview of the impact of the situation in various countries affecting regulatory bodies, and the changes in place due to the impacts.

CountryRegulatory Impact
ArgentinaMandatory quarantine until further notice. Current ENACOM approvals are still processing although delays are expected.
BrazilANATEL homologation is continuing with reduced staff and remote operations.
MalaysiaA restriction of movement order is in place until April 14th, 2020. Applications (SIRIM/MCMC) are still in process although delays are expected.
South AfricaThe country is on lockdown until April 16th, 2020. ICASA is currently performing minimum basic operations, so certifications are delayed indefinitely. New applications and samples are no longer accepted.
CanadaNo change in process for ISED/IC certifications. Inquiries may received delayed replies.
ChileSUBTEL is operating remotely and delays are expected.
EuropeNo change in process for CE approvals, personnel are working remotely and there are expected delays for testing.
IndiaRemote work by essential duty personnel is being performed. Delays for WPC, BIS, and TEC applications are expected.
IndonesiaNo new applications are being accepted by SDPPI.
JapanMIC certification process is not on hold. Certification by local Japanese certification bodies may be delayed.
MexicoApplications are still accepted although certifications have been delayed.
RussiaCertification process is still underway although lockdown may be emminent.
Saudi ArabiaCurrently proceeding with remote operations indefinitely.
United StatesFCC operations are remote. No change to equipment authorization process.
VenezuelaAll new applications have been suspended until April 13th at the earliest.

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