Measurement Procedures and Guidance for Millimeter Wave Devices

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the United States has provided measurement guidance on the evaluation of mmW devices subject to Part 30 of the FCC rules.

Part 30 equipment authorization is applicable for the following device types:

  • Base stations
  • Mobile stations (e.g., cell phones)
  • Transportable stations, stationary while operating (customer premise equipment, local hubs)

These procedures apply to all 47 CFR Part 30 frequencies:

  • 3 GHz to 30 GHz (centimeter-wave)
  • 30 GHz to 300 GHz (millimeter-wave)

The radiofrequency following requirements are defined in the rules:

  • In-band RF power level
  • Maximum authorized bandwidth
  • Frequency tolerance
  • Antenna gain

The procedures for compliance measurements on digitally-modulated licensed devices are included in ANSI C63.26-2015, American National Standard for Compliance Testing of Transmitters Used in Licensed Radio Services.

Specific mmW device compliance measurements include the following:

  • Radiated RF output power (or power spectral density)
  • Occupied bandwidth
  • Unwanted emissions
  • Frequency tolerance

The full guidance on the basic certification requirements and measurement procedures can be found here.

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