Updated National Frequency Plan for 5G Implementation Announced

The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL) of the Dominican Republic, announced their frequency allocation plan (PNAF) for the implementation of the 5G band.

The PNAF is the main regulatory instrument of INDOTEL for the planning and efficient management of the radio spectrum, in accordance with the provisions contained in the General Telecommunications Law No. 153-98.

Through the PNAF, INDOTEL is able to attend to frequency allocation requests that are required for the development of public telecommunications services, both for current services and for those that are developed in the future.

The allocation plan (PNAF) for the Dominican Republic is provided here.

Many corporations and companies are in a 5G deployment plan in the in order to launch new technology to the market.

The updates to the frequency allocation plan includes the modification of the frequency range from 3.3 - 3.4 GHz for the allocation, use, and future implementation of the 5G band.

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