Updates to Electronic Labeling Guidelines for Wireless Devices

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States published an update to the E-labeling guidelines for electronic devices using integrated displays.

On April 6, 2020, the FCC published version 2, revision 1 of KDB 784748 D02. This is the latest update regarding electronic labeling for radiofrequency devices in the US.

This KDB provides guidance for electronic labeling (e-labeling, e-label) for devices with an integrated electronic display, or those devices inside or operate with a system or host that has an electronic display.

Products qualifying for e-labeling include:

  • Smartphones
  • E-readers
  • Notebook computers
  • All-in-one desktop computers
  • Tablet computers
  • Internet radios with digital display

This update provides clarification for products with multiple FCC IDs.

For devices that require labeling with multiple FCC IDs or will contain multiple FCC IDs and want to use e-labeling, all the FCC IDs must be labeled either physically outside of the product or use e-labeling for all.

It’s not allowed to display a portion of the FCC IDs using e-labeling while physically to label the remainder on the outside of the product.

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