Technical Requirements for Multiple Gigabit Wireless Systems

The Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication (SDPPI) of Indonesia released a public consultation for Multiple Gigabit Wireless Systems technology.

This draft is concerned with the technical requirements of telecommunication devices utilizing high speed data transmission in the 57 GHz frequency, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Listed below are the changes:

  • Radio frequency Range: 57GHz-64GHz;
  • Bandwidth: ≀2160MHz
  • Channeling Plan:
Channel No.Down Radio Frequency (GHz)Mid Radio Frequency (GHz)Up Radio Frequency (GHz)
  • Transmission Power (EIRP): ≀10 W (≀40dBm)
  • Power Spectral Density (EIRP): ≀13dBm / MHz (ETSI EN 302 567)
  • Duplex: TDD
  • Spurious Emissions Transmitters (ETSI EN 302 567)
  • Receiver Unwanted Emissions (ETSI EN 302 567)
  • Transmit Mask (Recommendation ITU-R M.2003-2)
  • Must-have MGWS features:
    • Listen before talk (ETSI EN 302 567);
    • Detect and avoid (ETSI TR 103 583);
    • Dynamic Frequency Selection (ECC Report 288);
    • or automatic transmit power control (ECC Report 288).

Below is the draft regulation:

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