IPV6 Certification Program and Requirements

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is requiring IPV6 certification for all equipment connecting directly to service providers.

Based on the release of the technical codes for IPV6, the IPV6 certification program will be mandated on July 2020 in Malaysia.

This will be required for all direct connection equipment that connect to a Malaysian service provider.

Directly connected equipment, such as a home gateway or router directly connect to the service provider, while non-directly connected equipment (customer premise) connect to a local (home, office) network.

Examples of equipment are as follows:

  • Access point
  • Gateway
  • Mobile phones
  • Other directly connected network equipment / devices

Testing must be performed locally and facilities are available as of quarter 3 of this year. This may be delayed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The basic requirements necessary for certification include:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Product labeling / marking
  • Technical documentation and language
  • Electrical safety (AC power, power supply unit with adapter)

The technical requirements include:

  • Declaration and provision of sample for testing including required software and test instructions
  • Comprehensive testing per requirements and RFCs as specified in MCMC Technical Code (MCMC MTSFB TC T013:2019)
  • Testing conducted by SIRIM laboratory or other accepted and accredited laboratory

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