Frequency Band Allocation for 5G Networks and Technology

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China is repurposing the 700 MHz spectrum for the development of 5G technology.

Currently, the 702 MHz - 798 MHz frequency band is used for television and radio broadcasting. These changes will now allocate the 703 MHz - 743 MHz and 758 MHz 798 MHz band for FDD mobile communication systems.

The State Radio Regulation of China (SRRC) will no longer accept type approval applications for TV, radio, and broadcasting equipment operating in the 702 - 798 MHz frequency range.

Mobile systems operating in these bands must not interfere with broadcasting or other services operating in the same or adjacent frequency bands.

The SRRC will accept type approval applications for equipment operating in the frequency range 702 - 798 MHz under the local regulation β€œε·₯俑部无〔2017〕322 号” (Interim Provisions on the Requirements for and the Verification and Administration of the Utilization Ratio of Radio Frequencies).

The major changes are shown here:

The 4.9 GHz spectrum will be used to provide television and broadcasting services in the near term, and eventually mobile communication (4G and 5G) and IoT services in the future.

Spectrum is currently allocated to mobile and broadcasting operators as follows:

Assigned SpectrumTotalShared Spectrum
3400-3500MHz100MHz3300-3400MHz (indoor)
3500-3600MHz100MHz3300-3400MHz (indoor)
703-798MHz80MHz3300-3400MHz (indoor)

The technical requirements and test methods for mobile communication systems in 702 - 798 MHz is pending release at a later date.

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