Updated List of Devices Subjected to Type Approval and Declaration of Conformity

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) of Vietnam has released a new Circular outlining regulations on the list of devices required mandatory TAC/SDoC.

Circular No. 11/2020/TT-BTTTT will replace Circular No. 05/2019/TT-BTTTT. This new Circular will become the EMC requirement for 2G/3G/4G LTE terminal devices.

Additions to the list:

  • Terminal device, base station, and repeater used in 5th generation of cellular network (5G)

QCVN 47:2015/BTTTT and QCVN 18:2014/BTTTT will be temporarily used as RF and RF requirements for 5G device until MIC introduce National Technical Regulations specifically composed for 5G devices.

Moving from Annex I To Annex II and under mandatory Declaration of Conformity scheme only:

  • Wireless inductive loop charger
  • Telemetry instrument
  • MISC and MITS device
  • Radio access in 60 GHz band device
  • Radar used on maritime ships and vessels
  • Digital image transmission device
  • This new Circular will take effect on July 01, 2020.

    All the Type Approval certificates and Notification for Acceptance of Conformity which has been issued before July 01, 2020 will keep its validity continuously until expiration date or new applicable technical regulations enter in effect.

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