Updated Technical Specifications for Short Range Devices

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has published an updated Technical Code outlining SRD technical specifications.

This Technical Code MCMC MTSFB TC T007:2020 replaces MCMC MTSFB TC T007:2014.

This updated Technical Code defines the technical requirements for SRD transmitters and receivers operating in the frequencies as defined in the relevant Standard Radio System Plans (SRSPs) and the Class Assignments issued by MCMC.

The main changes are as follows:

ITE industry:

  • Major impact on Wireless Microphone where the frequency changed
  • LoRa/Sigfox can use between 916-924 MHz but must fulfill Class Assignment requirements

Automotive industry:

  • Automotive radar is included as control items

Medical industry:

  • New frequency bands (9kHz-315kHz and 402MHz-406MHz) have been added for active medical implant devices

Ultra wideband:

  • Control Ultra wideband is used according to Class Assignment 2017/2019
  • Ultra wideband will be used for imaging, medical, etc.

There are additional EMC/Safety Requirements for products that can be directly connected to a service providerโ€™s network.

This Technical Code is effective starting May 2020.

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