Updates to Pre-Approval Guidance Procedure

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States has released new updates to further clarify the Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG) procedure.

388624 D01 Pre-Approval Guidance Procedures v11r03 replaces 388624 D01 Pre-Approval Guidance Procedures v11r02 to add clarification to multiple sections.

388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v16r06 replaces 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v16r05 to add clarification to the list of items for reuse.

There are three classes of applications for equipment authorization subject to PAG review:

  • Devices subject to special conditions where the authorization procedures to be used must be approved by the FCC prior to approval by a TCB
  • Devices for which a sample must be submitted to the FCC for pre-approval testing prior to approval by a TCB
  • Devices for which there are new or unique operation or installation issues which are subject to FCC review prior to approval by a TCB

Main changes/clarifications for Pre-Approval Guidance Procedures:

  • A grantee or grantee’s representative may use guidance established in a prior KDB Inquiry in requesting approval to issue an authorization, provided that the KDB Inquiry Number is specifically identified, and the TCB has provided documentation by the original grantee or the grantee’s representative
  • A previously approved PAG KDB guidance may be allowed for reuse for specific items on the PAG list

Main changes/clarifications for Pre-Approval Guidance List of Items for Reuse:

  • DFS reuse - will be allowed only if the device has the same DFS sensing hardware and software of a previously approved DFS PAG Item
  • SDR reuse - when the same grantee uses the same Security Description
  • HAC reuse - PAG item formatted in accordance with 285076 D03 HAC FAQ Question 8
  • Dynamic Antenna Tuning reuse

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