Amendment to Regulations of Spectrum Licensing Procedure

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) has issued an amendment regarding the regulations prescribing procedures for spectrum licensing.

CRAN issued the amendment of Communications Act, 2009, which outlines procedures regarding application for, and amendment, renewal, transfer, and cancellation of spectrum licenses.

The purpose of this amendment is to conform the list of Radio Apparatus Exempt from Spectrum License (Annex B) to the International Telecommunications (ITU) standards.

Main changes to Annex B:

  • Substitute Frequency row 5470-5725M with the following:
  • Frequency BandsType of DeviceMaximum Radiated Power or Field Strength Limits & Channel SpacingRelevant StandardAdditional Requirements
    5470-5725MHzWireless Access Systems/Radio Local Access Network (WAS & RLAN): indoor use only1 W eirp - Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) & Transmitter Power Control ObligatoryEN 60950, EN 300 893, EN 301 489 -1/-17ITU-R M.1625
  • The Frequency row 57-66GHz has been deleted.

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