Updates to Label Marking on Certified Products

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) of Brazil has established four new versions of the ANATEL label that manufacturers can use for certified products.

Act 4088, regarding ANATEL label marking, will replace Act 2221 after 180 days from publication date.

There are now four ways to identify the ANATEL label:


ANATEL Logo plus the Homologation Number

Simplified Version

Word โ€œANATELโ€ followed by the Homologation number



If you choose to use an e-label, the product is intended for end users and consumers. The marking must also be placed on the product packaging.

QR Code

If you choose to use a QR code, the ANATEL marking must be on the product packaging. The user must be able to read the QR code using their phoneโ€™s camera without any special software.

The following information must be shown to the user:

  • Homologation code
  • Model name and commercial name (if applicable) of approved product
  • Batch number
  • Serial number
  • Software version (if applicable)
  • Identification and address of the manufacturing unit
  • Identification and address of the supplier

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