New Type Approval Regulation for Short Range Devices

The Ministry of Communications (MoC) of Israel has published a new type approval regulation, which includes the allowing and extension of certain frequency bands.

The new regulation is called Wireless Telegraph Order (Non-Applicability of the Ordinance) (No. 2) - 1982.

The main changes are related to the frequencies of Wireless Charger devices, UWB, WiFi, and Vehicle radar.

The following bands are now allowed:

  • 110‐205kHz (Qi technology): power does not exceed 20W
  • 3.6-4.8GHz (UWB): transmission power 1mW e.i.r.p.
  • 5470-5725MHz: transmission power 1W
  • 5725-5875MHz: transmission power 25mW e.i.r.p.
  • 24.25-26.65GHz: transmission power 1mW e.i.r.p.
  • 314‐314.9MHz: transmission power 1ΞΌW e.i.r.p.

Previously, some of the above products were allowed to obtain special approval for a validity of 1 year. They can now obtain the regular MoC approval for 2 years validity.

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