Clarification Added to Modular Integration Guide

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States has added clarification to the frequency of investigation for composite validation testing for modular integration.

Clarification has been added to 996369 D04 Module Integration Guide v02 (section 3.2, note 6). This document provides a guide for equipment authorization applications under Section 15.212 for modular transmitters.

The composite investigation test, testing of a host product with all the transmitters installed, is recommended to verify the host product complies with all applicable FCC rules.

Because the host needs equipment authorization as an unintentional radiator for compliance as an individual unintentional radiator following 15.33 (b), an additional recommended composite investigation test can also be done with all transmitters active.

In addition to the clarification in section 3.2, a figure in section 2.0 c) iv) has been added as a general guide to determine RF exposure requirements.

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