New Regulation to Allow Wi-Fi 6E Technology

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of South Korea announced the new regulation 2019-586 to allow Wi-Fi 6E technology for various frequency bands with limits and restrictions.

This regulation is the revision of 2019-104.

The frequency range, limit, and restriction are as follows:

Frequency Range (MHz)Output power density/eirpRestrictions
5150-5350less than 10mW/MHz-
5470-5850less than 10mW/MHz-
17705-17715less than 10mW/MHz-
17725-17735less than 10mW/MHz-
19265-19275less than 10mW/MHz-
19265-19295less than 10mW/MHz-
5925-6425less than 25 mW (=14dBm), less than 1dBm/MHz (average)including antenna gain, no Drone use, automotive: only 6085-6425 band
5925-7125less than 2dBm/MHz (average)including antenna gain, indoor use only, no Car / Airplane / Railroad / Marine / Drone use
17700-17740less than 1mW/MHz-
19260-19300less than 1mW/MHz-

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