New Type Approval Procedure for Radio and Telecom Terminal Equipment

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Sri Lanka issued new type approval rules for radio and telecommunications terminal equipment (RTTE).

The two type approval procedures are as follows:

  • Standard Type Approval: a sample of the equipment should be submitted with the Technical Construction File (TCF)
  • Simplified Type Approval: applicable for RTTE that appears on the Commissionโ€™s Type Approval Register and was previously approved by the Commission at the time of the original application. This equipment must be identical to the equipment which was previously approved.

The validity of the type approval is 4 years, as long as the equipment maintains the same technical specifications. Labeling requirements have become mandatory for all approved equipment.

The following is a list of exempt equipment:

  • Short range infrared remote control equipment (including TV remote controls or garage door openers)
  • RTTE embedded in desktop computers and laptops that use short-range radio technologies such as Wifi or Bluetooth
  • Transmitter equipment with an output power below 50 mW
  • RTTE installed in vehicles, such as car navigation units or remote car keys, that use short range technologies such as WiFi or Bluetooth

This new procedure will come into effect on December 16, 2020.

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