Updated Power Limit Values for Wi-Fi Equipment

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) of Brazil has followed up on Act No. 4776, updating the power limits for Wi-Fi equipment.

The updated values are identified under paragraph 11.2 under the Act No. 4776.

Wireless Broadband Access System for Local Area Networks operating in the 5.150-5.350 MHz band must comply with the following:

  • Must be used indoors
  • Average value of the conducted power is limited to the maximum value of 1 W in the range 5.150-5.250 MHz and to 250 mW in the range of 5.250-5.350 MHz, if the maximum gain of the antenna does not exceed 6 dBi
  • Average value of the EIRP spectral density is limited to a maximum of 50 mW / MHz
  • Must have Transmit Power Control (TPC) that allows the selection of transmission power and ensures a mitigation factor of at least 3 dB
  • Exceptionally, use of equipment without the TPC mechanism will be allowed. The average value of the EIRP power must be limited to the maximum allowed value, conducted or radiated, reduced by at least 3 dB for equipment operating in the 5.150-5.350 MHz and 5.470-5.725 MHz bands

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