Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Type Approval Rules

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has announced new Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) Type Approval Rules 2020.

The new rules are included under Section 68 read with Sections 5(o), 5(q), 5 (v)& 5 (w) of the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act No: 25 of 1991 as amended.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Type Approval charges
  • 1 sample required to support type approval applications, with TRC reserving the right to request up to 2 samples for all TA (previously only Telecom products needed a sample)
  • More specific documents requested
  • Mandatory labelling requirements for all equipment approved by TRC - labels must be purchased from TRCSL
  • Importation fee
  • Processing time is about 30 business days, but the actual time will vary based on sample and documents received
  • Fast track scheme with additional payment charge
  • TA exemption list - this has a lot of issues as importation of TA exempt equipment will be more difficult than Type approved device as TA exempt devices have not been exempted from appendix D, E, J and K. At the importation, TRCSL must be convinced why the device is exempt from TA and comply to technical and other parameters in Appendix E. Having type approval before importation would be advantageous.
  • Test report submitted within 3 months validity (or declaration of the validity of the report from the accredited lab)
  • Existing certificate will be valid for 6 months - after that all need to apply for new certificate (simplified process is available)
  • Validity of the Certificate is now 4 years instead of 3 years

The new type approval rules will come into effect on December 16, 2020. Any new applicants for type approval are required to follow these requirements immediately.

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