New Plugs and Socket-Outlet Requirements

Thailand TISI has announced their official regulations of "Particular Requirement" about TISI166-2549 Plugs and Socket-Outlet for Household and Similar Purposes on December 21, 2020.

Summary of the TISI/QR Code below:

  • It shall be displayed on the plug and can be displayed on the packaging.
  • The location of the TIS mark for plugs: it will be on the front at pin area or on the side.
  • TIS marked size shall be suitable and proportional to the size of the plug. It cannot be smaller than 3mm with text height of TIS standard number not less than 1.5mm.
  • For the QR code marking it will be displayed as follows: For plugs, it will be displayed on the packaging or attachment on the same area with the TIS mark and cannot be smaller than 10mm.
  • The licensee (importer) will need to login to the QR code website to create a QR code.

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