Announcement Regarding Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Spectrum

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has designated an additional 500 MHz radio spectrum of 6 GHz band (specifically 5925-6425 MHz) to Wi-Fi for indoor use at an EIRP of 250 mW

  • With this latest addition, on December 28,2020, the UAE has become the first country in the MENA region to release additional 500 MHz of radio spectrum frequency in the 6 GHz band to the total spectrum of approximately 11.5 GHz (in 2.4, 5, 5.8 & 60 GHz bands) already available for Wi-Fi.
  • This new addition will significantly boost the speed of indoor wireless networks in the UAE, helping to keep up with the increasing use of Wi-Fi services by individuals, companies and different business sectors for day-to-day activities, and to accommodate new applications which drive demand for faster speeds and greater reliability. Today, Wi-Fi is a critical investment that connects people to workplaces, businesses, education and healthcare.
  • 99% of the homes in the UAE have internet access as per ITU database published in June 2020, and Wi-Fi plays an essential role in providing connectivity between users' routers and the increasing number of wireless-enabled consumer electronics devices in their homes including TVs, smart appliances, games consoles, and portable/mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, remote controllers, 3D visors, laptops etc.
  • The latest Wi-Fi standard promises a theoretical peak of data speeds of 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second), as well as a better management of spectrum in congested environments, faster latency, improved power efficiency and various other changes.
  • This is an endeavour to contribute towards the β€œDigital UAE”, the TRA prepared a Spectrum Outlook for the period 2020–2025, which overlays the roadmap for making available spectrum resources for different emerging wireless technologies.
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