New Safety Requirements for Audio/Visual Equipment

The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) notified about the transition to the SI 62368 requirements for audio/video and similar equipment as well as IT equipment.

  • If you already have SII approval against SI 60950-1 or SI 60065 requirements, you need to apply for re-approval against SI 62368 requirements.
  • The process of SII approval depends on the type of equipment. If the equipment has previously been approved against SI 60950-1 requirement, the transition to SI 62368 standard can be carried out through the paperwork without local testing.
  • Products previously subject to SI 60065 requirements, need to pass local testing to obtain SII approval against SI 62368 requirements.
  • SII Approvals received against either SI 60950-1 or SI 60065 will become invalid in Israel after December 20, 2020.
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